5. UPDATED EYEGLASSES Meryl Streep glasses
Accessories can update your image instantly and, often, cost-effectively. Instead of investing big money into trendy suits, coats, and jackets, add a touch of trend with less expensive ties, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, belts, and bags. Yes, you can and should spend-till-it-hurts on those items when buying classic styles, but if you want to look trendy, don’t spend a lot. Trends will be gone in a season or two and you won’t feel sad when you give or toss those items away.

Eyeglasses are an important accessory as they draw people into your face. It’s true – they aren’t cheap, so keep an eye out for sales and special promotions. You’ll want to select a new, updated frame every few years as an outdated style can age you and convey that you’re out-of-step with the times. You never want to look like you’re caught in a time warp!

Don’t rush the selection process. Shop around, try on lots of pairs, and trust the optician who takes your coloring, face shape, hairstyle and likes/dislikes into consideration. They’ll help you find a pair you love and look great wearing. Some of the national chain eyewear stores have face shape information on their websites. Once you determine your shape, their site will make specific eyewear recommendations for you. In the meantime, here are some guidelines from the Vision Council of America.

Kenneth Branagh glassesThe Oval Face is considered to be the most versatile with frames because of its balanced proportions. Frame options: wide as or wider than the broadest part of the face. Try almond or oval shapes.

The Base-Down Triangle Face has a narrow forehead and widens at the cheek and chin areas. Frame options: ones that draw attention upwards. Try bold frames or cat-eye shapes.

The Base-Up Triangle Face (heart-shaped) is widest at the forehead and narrowest at the chin. Frame options: ones that draw attention downwards, such as rimless styles, very thin metals or plastics.

The Square Face is characterized by a strong jaw line and broad forehead. Width and length are in the same proportions. Frame options: rounder, narrower styles that soften facial angles, such as narrow ovals.

The Round Face has curved lines, with width and length in the same proportions. Frame options: frames that are wider than they are deep. Try angular, narrow frames.

The Oblong Face is longer that it is wide and is characterized by a long, straight cheekline and, sometimes, a longer nose. Frame options: frames with top-to-bottom depth or decorative temples (frame arms) to add width.

The Diamond Face is narrowest at the browline and jawline. Cheekbones are frequently high and dramatic. Frame options: frames detailing or distinctive browlines, like cat-eyes or ovals.

Eyes are considered by many to be the most important feature on a person, the “windows to the soul”. So let the world see the how young you feel inside!