When you wear colors that flatter your natural coloring, you can instantly look energized, healthy, and well-rested. Sounds like a youthful image to me! Your ideal clothing colors complement the undertones in your skin, hair, and eyes and create an attractive harmony in your appearance. Wearing those colors can prompt compliments like, “You look great today! Just get back from vacation?” Wouldn’t you rather hear that than, “Nice suit”?  Color, used correctly, can draw the observer’s eye off of your clothing and on to your center of communication – your face. Right where you want them!

If you haven’t had your colors analyzed by a professional, schedule a consultation with a color/image consultant in your area. Check out the website for The Association of Image Consultants International (www.aici.org) for listings of consultants near you.

Shirt = hair color; Jacket = eye color

Shirt = hair color; Jacket = eye color

Tie = hair color; Shirt = eye color

Tie = hair color; Shirt = eye color

But here’s a simple trick you can start experimenting with today. Evaluate your skin, hair, and eye colors and simply match those same colors in your clothing, especially the pieces worn close to the face. For example, my hair is auburn, my eyes are olive green, and my skin is ivory. One of the most flattering outfits I wear is a burgundy jacket with an ivory top underneath. I get compliments every time I wear it and it’s become my go-to outfit for appearing on-camera and in front of audiences. Another favorite ensemble is an olive green cardigan with ivory shell. See how it works?

Now – look at your own coloring. Once you’ve determined your colors, play around with the different combos of hair color+skin color, eye color+hair color, eye color+skin color, etc. in your jackets, sweaters, tops, shirts, scarves, jewelry, and ties. These will be some of the most eye-catching, flattering, and unique-to-you ensembles you could ever wear! 

TIP #1: Light skin tones can be the hardest element to analyze. Hold up to your face lots of different whites, creams, and ivories until you find the shade that eliminates the shadows and adds color to your cheeks.

TIP #2: Gentlemen – did you know the best tie color for you is your eye color? When you repeat that color in your tie, it will act like an arrow right into your eyes! For those of you with brown eyes, play with yellow or gold ties and get ready for the compliments.

TIP #3: To appear youthful, avoid wearing a lot of black near the face. While young people can look great in black, it can be quite aging on older faces. Better to wear your skin/hair/eye colors around the face. You’re wearing them there already!

©Jill Bremer 2013

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