Here’s another great exercise from Brenda’s Wardrobe Companion called “Name That Rut”. Create two columns and label the left one “Ruts” and right one “Actions”. What are your image ruts these days? Own too much black? Hairstyle still looks like your yearbook photo? Wearing jeans too often? In the right-hand column, start thinking of new responses to those old, boring habits. Consider new colors, styles, patterns, accessories – and the next time you go shopping, STOP YOURSELF when you find you’re heading toward the same stores/departments/shelves. It’s going to take courage to explore new territory, but it can also be exciting, too. You’re on your way to designing the new you!

As important as it is to look current, it’s also crucial to look age-appropriate. Trends = youth/energy, but you can’t be dressed in trendy fashions from head to toe. You’ll look like a fashion victim instead of someone who’s “current”. A good first step can be to add trendy accessories (shoes, bag, belt, etc.). Clothes should always be flattering, so keep your body shape in mind, too. In other words, maybe skinny jeans aren’t the jeans for you! If that’s the case, try a different trend. And be prepared to pay for alterations. You always want your clothing to look like it was custom-made just for you and the body you have today.

FACE FACTS: You’re going to need to go shopping. A youthful, trendy look means clothes will be new. At least, new-ish. Clothes these days are generally more slim than baggy. Buy new ties, ban all pleated pants, and no dark hose for women!