Trick or treaters on the porchHalloween is a great time to teach manners to our children and how to be both gracious and grateful to others. Parents: role-play the steps below with your children. Have them ring your own doorbell and provide a little coaching.


  1. Ring doorbells or knock on doors once, then be patient as you wait for the door to open. Don’t pound on doors or ring bells repeatedly.
  2. Make eye contact with homeowners when they open their door and smile as you say “Trick or Treat”.
  3. When the candy is dropped into your bag, be sure to say “thank you”, making eye contact again and smiling—even when it’s candy you don’t like. 🙂
  4. If you’re told you can reach into the candy bowl yourself, take one piece, not a handful.
  5. If they compliment your costume, say “thank you” again!

© Jill Bremer 2016