Civility in the Workplace

Rudeness in the workplace has reached a crisis point. Throughout America, employees are reporting an increase in incivility. Bullying, profanity, insensitivity, and sabotage are making work lives unpleasant and, as a result, customer service and productivity are suffering. This class helps participants build civility awareness, learn replacement strategies, and improve their communication skills and conflict resolution methods.

Whether you’ve seen it, heard it, been a victim of it, or need to manage it, this groundbreaking class is for you.

Participants learn: 

  • Effects of Incivility – personally, organizationally
  • Three Forms of Responsibility
  • Intentional vs. Inadvertent Rudeness
  • Their Personal Conflict Management Style
  • Effective Listening Strategies
  • Replacement Strategies for Uncivil Behaviors
  • Strategies for Creating Positive Peer Relationships

“It can be challenging to work with such a sensitive topic and not appear to blame or point fingers, whether at the participants or at those who may have offended them, but

Jill managed this feat admirably.

She was professional and easy to work with, enthusiastic, and much more flexible than many vendors with whom we have worked.”

Director of Employee & Organizational Development, medical center, IL

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