SpeakAbilities®: Present Like a Pro

Now Open to the Public!

This popular presentation skills training program is now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Two dates available in 2017:
October 12-13
October 30-31


Develop This Key to Success
Has the thought of presenting in front of others ever made you weak in the knees?

Ever struggled putting concise and compelling content together?

Wish you could present with more passion and impact?

If so, this 2-day presentation skills workshop is for you! Through the combination of expert instruction, coaching, & videotaping, you’ll walk out a much better speaker than how you walked in!

You’ll benefit from a small class setting as workshops are limited to only 8 people. And you’ll feel safe trying new techniques in a fun and supportive environment.

You’ll learn:
* 6 Step Process for Creating Laser-Focused Content
* 2 Content Structures – for Small-Scale & Large-Scale Settings
* Dynamic Vocal & Visual Delivery Skills
* 6 Types of Visual Aids (& how to use them effectively)
* 8 Ways to Keep Audiences Engaged
* How to Deliver a Seated Presentation
* How to Practice Effectively
* How to Control Your Nerves
* How to Handle Q & A

You’ll receive:
* Class Workbook
* Copies of your recorded presentations + coaching
* “7 Strategies to Develop Your Executive Presence” e-book
* “Get the Edge” newsletter
* Jill’s co-authored book, “It’s Your Move: Dealing Yourself the Best Cards in Life and Work”

Who Should Attend?
Anyone looking to improve their presentation skills and ability to influence, from the novice to advanced. That’s you!


“Jill was very insightful in helping me polish my presenting and speaking skills. She has a great methodology and approach to teaching and training others on this key executive skill set. Best professional development money I’ve ever spent. Still paying dividends for my firm and career.”

Director of Product Management

“Your work has helped me enhance my public speaking capabilities for which I am very grateful.  Your insights and coaching has made my presentations more succinct and make me a more effective communicator.”

President and CEO

Your Trainer & Coach 
Jill Bremer of The Edge Executive Coaching & Training has been turning non-professional business people into speaking pros for 30+ years! She has improved the speaking skills of hundreds of people around the country with her SpeakAbilities® System and as a presentation skills trainer for the American Management Association. Jill has appeared on the “Today Show”, CNBC, NPR, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times and is a contributing author of 4 books. She is also a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association and SAG/AFTRA.

ASA Conference Center
1061 American Lane, Schaumburg, IL 60173 (near Woodfield Mall)
Free parking
Business Casual attire

There are many hotels close to the conference center, including DoubleTree, Hyatt House, Hilton Garden Inn, and Homewood Suites.

Early-Bird rates = $999.00
Regular rates = $1,199.00

Answers to Presentation Skills quiz:

1. False. That’s probably the worst transition you can make. The audience can read, thank you very much. Instead, prepare a sentence that teases what the audience will see next. Don’t look at the slide as you click; keep your eyes forward and say something like, “And what does this all add up to? You can see in the top right of the diagram…” , THEN look and gesture to the top right of the new slide. How well you transition from slide to slide and idea to idea will mark you as either pro or amateur.

2. True. Find a document online and highlight a 140-word section, then time yourself as you say it out loud. Chances are you raced through it and finished well before the 60 seconds was up. Say it again slower and see how it feels to say something at that speed. This is not to say you can’t speak faster and even slower as you present, but this rate is the overall ideal speed for your audience to be able to both listen and process.

3. False. Generally, speakers should not interrupt the questioner, BUT in the case of a long-winded rambler, that person who needs to retell your entire presentation from the beginning until they figure out their question, the speaker can interrupt with something like, “And your question is?” or “And what is your question?”. The audience and agenda will thank you!

4. I vote No on this one. The only time lasers pointers make sense is when the screen is so high or far away that your arm can’t reach. Otherwise, you have a built-in pointer—use it.

5. True! Sign up today for SpeakAbilities®: Present Like a Pro!! Scroll up here to learn what this program has to offer!


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