The SpeakAbilities® System - Presentation Skills Training

Deliver Powerful Presentations with Expert Speaker Coaching & Training!

SpeakAbilities presentation skills coachingTired of doing hit-or-miss presentations? Sometimes they work, sometimes they flop? And you can’t figure out why that happens—or how to fix it? The answer is presentation skills training!

I’ve found that most business speakers haven’t taken a presentation skills or public speaking class since college and now, in their job, they’re expected to deliver all kinds of presentations—updates, reports, sales pitches, technical demos, breakout sessions, even industry keynotes—without having a process in place for putting good content together or techniques for delivering it effectively.

Let The SpeakAbilities® System show you—or your team—how to create compelling content that is tailored for your audience, how to keep them engaged with your confident delivery, and get the results you desire. You’ll see presentation skills improve in the very first session!

All aspects of content development and delivery techniques are taught and coached in a supportive environment and video-recording is incorporated to fast-track development. As a team workshop, organizations often partner this with individual coaching sessions to reinforce the skills learned in the group setting. Each participant is videotaped and receives personalized attention.

A professional actor since 1978, Jill brings a unique perspective to The SpeakAbilities® System utilizing proven techniques that can polish the skills of a speaking veteran or help a novice overcome the first-time jitters.

“I have to say that the workshop was impressive!

Good mix of slides, activity, and engagement. And the
time seemed well managed—not drawn out and not rushed. I actually didn’t notice the time pass so
that tells you something since we were together for 4 hours each day.”

Board Certified Pathologist

Our proven methods will teach you how to:

SpeakAbilities presentation skillsDevelop Strong Content

Learn a time-tested process for quickly creating clear and compelling content that’s tailored for your specific audience. No more one-size-fits-all presentations! Now your messages will be finely-tuned and focused on exactly what they need to hear.

You’ll learn how to grab your listeners’ attention from the opening sentence along with tricks for keeping them engaged throughout. You’ll learn how to incorporate stories and examples and how not to drown them in data. You’ll also be able to close with impact and move them to action.

Deliver with Confidence

Whether you’re standing in front or seated at a table, your delivery skills need to support your message, not derail it. You’ll learn the best ways to gesture, make eye contact, and move around, along with techniques for adding vocal variety via inflection, rate, and volume. And if you’re guilty of “ums” and “uhs”, we can help!

Working with a screen can be problematic, if you don’t know how to do it. We’ll show you exactly where to stand, how to cross, when to be close, and when to move away.

Create Compelling Visual Aidspresentation skills

Visual aids are a wonderful addition to presentations, but too many people are guilty of “death by Powerpoint.” We’ll show you how you can say more with less and design visuals that add clarity and impact, not confusion.

You’ll learn techniques for designing and incorporating other visual aids, too, such as white boards, flip charts, handouts, props, and video.

Handle Q & A EffectivelySpeakAbilities presentation skills

Q & A can make or break your presentation. Handle it well and you’ll win over the unbelievers while you continue to build credibility with those already on board. Blow it, and watch your opportunities—and reputation—go right down the drain.

You’ll learn how to handle the four different Q & A formats, along with the best practices for the verbal and nonverbal delivery of your answers. We’ll help you prepare for the tough questions and share tricks for handling them with confidence.

Prepare to PresentSpeakAbilities presentation skills

Audiences crave authenticity. Appear too rehearsed or too memorized—and you’ll quickly lose them. Learn how to incorporate your personality, natural strengths, and sense of humor to win them over.

Our three-step process for rehearsal will help you use your limited prep time efficiently. We’ll also show you how to deal with nerves and reduce any anxiety you feel beforehand or during. You’ll learn how to handle the logistics of presenting, too, like room set-ups, A/V equipment, and microphones.


The SpeakAbilities® System

…can be customized to offer as a group workshop or as private coaching sessions. Either can be conducted in-person or via Zoom.

“I would happily recommend you to colleagues

who are ready to move past their current presentation plateau and let you take them another level. There have been several times that people have given me feedback about my presentation style, but none were as effective as the work we did together.”

Product Group Technology Leader, software development firm, MA

“After our sessions, I had a public speaking engagement in front of 400 people – something that in the past would have had me uncertain and anxious. I followed many of the tips you had offered and found myself quite comfortable and confident in delivering this address. Compliments on the marked improvements in how I delivered my speech were

certainly a testament to how successful your program was.”

President and CEO, medical system, NY

“How do I begin to thank you for all your help and guidance? I recently completed my first major presentation as incoming Chairman…and thanks to you, I was able to address the membership positively and professionally. People have noticed the positive change and inquire as to what happened. I simply reply:

‘I owe it all to my speechwriter, speech coach and friend, Jill Hoel.'”

President, healthcare association, IL

“Jill was very insightful in helping me polish my presenting and speaking skills. She has a great methodology and approach to teaching and training others on this key executive skill set.

Best professional development money I’ve ever spent. Still paying dividends for my firm and career.”

Director of Product Management, marketing service, IL