Take off your ball cap, cowboy hat, and sunglasses.  Women want to see you (and it doesn’t matter if you’re bald.)

At the very least, wear a shirt with a collar, not a well-worn stretched-out old T-shirt.  The T-shirt look makes women wonder what you’ll show up wearing on a date.

Don’t make your profile pic a full-body shot.  The picture space is tiny and you’re too far away for the viewer to see anything.   Post a head-and-shoulder shot instead.

Smile!  Serious expressions can make you look mean or sour.  And you don’t look like you’d be fun to be with – at all.

Look straight into the camera for the picture – like you’re looking at HER!  Your eyes will attract her attention and draw her in.

Don’t make your profile pic an action shot of you on your motorcycle, playing your guitar, or holding up the fish you caught.  Those pix are fine for supplemental photos, but your profile picture is your first impression.  This is your best chance to catch her eye.  Think of it as your logo or brand – and market the best version of YOU!