The SpeakAbilities® Workshop

The SpeakAbilities® System workshop offers the coaching and guidance your teams need to deliver more powerful presentations. Whether it’s sales presentations, technical demos, or motivational keynotes, they’ll learn how to take control, say it with confidence, and get the results they desire. They’ll see improvement before the workshop is even over!

All aspects of content development and delivery techniques are taught and coached in a supportive environment. Videotaping can be incorporated for small-size groups. A professional actor since 1978, Jill Bremer brings a unique perspective to this program utilizing proven techniques that can polish the skills of a speaking veteran or help a novice overcome the first-time jitters.

Our proven methods will teach them how to:

SpeakAbilities presentation skills workshop

  • Develop strong content whether it’s a short report or long presentation
  • Hook audiences from the opening sentence and keep them engaged throughout
  • Close effectively and move them to action
  • Present confidently whether standing or seated at a table
  • Deliver with supportive gestures, direct eye contact, and purposeful movement
  • Add impact via inflection, rate, articulation, and volume
  • Design better visual aids and and work with them effectively
  • Handle Q & A with confidence and poise
  • Reduce nerves and speaker’s anxiety
  • Rehearse efficiently
  • Handle the unexpected like a pro
  • Speak clearly and concisely without preparation

Many organizations partner this workshop with individual coaching sessions to reinforce the skills learned in the group setting.  Each participant is videotaped and receives feedback and personalized attention.

Your work has helped me enhance my public speaking capabilities

for which I am very grateful. Your insights and coaching has made my presentations more succinct and make me a more effective communicator.

President & CEO, auto parts manufacturer, IL

I want to thank you for the wonderful and enlightening training you did last week! 

While I have done many presentations over the years, most have been very informal. Your training showed me how to start and organize presentations. I liked the format you shared and it will give me a structure to my presentations. I learned about how I look when presenting and plan to work on improving my gestures, movement etc. I will also be able to calm my nerves and not lose track of where I am or forget a segment in my presentation. Thanks again for opening my eyes!

Account Manager, consumer technology company, TX

Your public speaking coaching boosted our incoming Chairman’s presentation skills

and has resulted in a more dynamic speaking style. The speech you wrote for our Chairman to present at our annual conference delivers a memorable and inspiring message. We appreciate your professionalism, organization and expertise…you are a joy to work with.

President & CEO, healthcare association, IL