The Edge to Win

Sales Training Workshop

sales training workshopTo be successful in sales (or any profession), you need to be able to –

  • Communicate clearly
  • Influence others
  • Create rapport quickly
  • Convey respect
  • Strive for understanding
  • Speak with confidence

You also need to have a solid reputation and instant credibility.

This brand-new workshop can improve selling skills and sales presence – in just 2 hours!


You’ll learn how to…

Analyze Your Sales Presence

The Relationship Between Credibility and Reputation
How to Make Your Reputation Work for You—without you even being in the room.
The Credibility Formula

Tips for Managing Your Credibility

Fundamentals of the 4 Styles of Communication—Assertive, Aggressive, Passive-Aggressive, Passive

Techniques for Expressing Yourself Assertively

2 Challenges to Effective Listening

Recognizing the 4 Personal Listening Interrupters
Managing Filters, Definitions, and Assumptions
5 Listening Strategies that Drive Sales Success

Increase your ability to influence others and build your business—in just 2 hours!