It's Your Move®


The It’s Your Move® workshop offers an innovative personal and professional development program. 

Based upon Jill Bremer’s co-authored book, It’s Your Move: Dealing Yourself the Best Cards in Life and Work® (Financial Times/Prentice Hall), this seminar teaches powerful strategies for taking charge of one’s life and career.



It's Your Move book cover


* Set up a strategy to get where they want to be
* Define their fundamental values
* Write specific goals, objectives, and action steps
* Take the first action steps to meet their goals



* Gain awareness of how attitude adjustment affects their career planning
* Be flexible and adaptable to change
* Learn five steps to being resilient – to bouncing back after failure
* Be able to find the window when doors seem to close



* List where and how to be visible in their workplace and community
* Understand the value of networking
* Learn to use a variety of resources to help themselves grow
* Become aware that they don’t have to do it alone – that they have a built-in network around them



* Understand the importance of perceptions
* Define their self-image
* Learn wardrobe strategies for various situations
* Extend positive impressions via entertaining, etiquette, and gift-giving



* Develop speech ideas using the Four Keys of content development
* Learn ways to be unique, current, and how to add a global perspective
* Understand how to incorporate visuals
* Practice persuasive speaking



* Analyze and overcome their basic listening distractions
* Learn to listen to style and language
* Tune in to nonverbal cues at work and home
* Accept others and acknowledge mistakes


* Acknowledge their need for self development and growth
* Gain awareness of other generations and cultures
* Know when to ask for help
* Read to grow and expand knowledge



* Define the causes of anxiety in their lives and ways to reduce stress
* Learn techniques for simplification
* Practice ways to turn negative self-talk into positive
* Develop a plan for reconnecting with family



* Learn to accept change and let go
* Change old habits that are holding them back
* Break rules and move forward
* Move forward with courage into new goals

“It provided thoughtful and interesting ideas of career and life planning.

I was pleased with the turnout and surprised by the unusual cross section of people who attended…The program did a lot of what I wanted…and that was to get people to recognize that ‘It’s MY move!”

Assistant Director, Human Resources, healthcare corporation, IL