Image Insight Workshop

Image Insight workshops teach the fundamentals of  Executive Presence – communication skills, business etiquette, and professional image – and participants leave with new skills and a road map to success.

Topics Include:

First Impressions

First impressions are lasting impressions!  Participants discover how a positive first impression can make or break a situation.  The A, B, C’s of Image are defined and class members learn how to apply them on both a personal and corporate level.  The danger of sending mixed messages in business is discussed as well as the concept of Impression Management.

Communication Skills

All facets of verbal and nonverbal communication can be covered in this module.  Listening and verbal skills are taught via instruction and role-plays.  Nonverbal communication skills are also analyzed and practiced.  Gender Communication skills teach participants how to communicate effectively in a diverse business environment.


Etiquette modules focus on the importance of appropriate behavior in work-related situations and teach strategies for building and nurturing client relationships.  Areas for discussion include how to show deference, meetings and greetings, client/colleague courtesies, networking techniques, techno-etiquette, cubicle etiquette, and small talk skills.


This module is an in-depth discussion of the components, messages, and appropriate settings for the Four Levels of Dress. Wardrobe details are analyzed, such as color choice, proper fit, clothing care, and how to coordinate and accessorize clothing ensembles.  Grooming principles are also covered in this module.

“I have hired Jill for individual executive image coaching as well as for group training sessions on image and professionalism in the workplace and she has been terrific on all counts.

I recommend Jill as a skillful professional

who knows her topics and takes the time to get to know her clients so that she may tailor her consulting to their particular needs.”

Executive Solution Architect, computer software company, IL

“It had become apparent that we needed help to ensure we portray the professional image our clients expect of us.

Jill was perfect for us.

She listened to our needs, asked great questions, and then came up with very appropriate advice that was relevant and practical. We will soon need to bring Jill back to make sure we continue to portray the professional image one would expect from us as leaders in our profession.”

Partner, accounting firm, IL