Email Etiquette @ Work

There are many benefits to using email, but also many hazards, including lost sales, angry customers, lower productivity, and lawsuits. This half-day program can change how your organization handles email communications – for the better!

Email [email protected] takes participants step-by-step through the mechanics of composing and responding via email, the importance of proper tone, and the downside of flaming. Through active discussion, group activities, and writing exercises, participants soon embrace and model the principles of positive, efficient, and effective email.

“I hired Jill Bremer to speak to my Business Executive’s group on the topic of “E-mail Etiquette”. Jill did an outstanding job; the members had a great discussion with her, as well as realizing that they did not have an e-mail or for that matter Internet policy in the employee policy handbooks. Jill is also an expert in the areas of Telephone Etiquette and Business Etiquette; she also discussed some of the key points in those areas as well.

I enjoyed working with Jill. She is a professional and not only knows her subject but is able to communicate it in a straightforward and enjoyable manner.”

President/Owner, executive forum, IL