Your Partner’s Office Holiday Party: Are You a Help or Hindrance?

Will you be accompanying your partner to their workplace holiday party? If so, you have an important role to play at that event, one that supports and doesn’t sabotage. Here are 7 etiquette tips that will help you both shine!

  1. Have a prep session with them beforehand and find out about the people you’ll be meeting and topics to pursue and steer away from. Make sure you understand your partner’s job and a little about the company they work for, as well.
  2. Your job is to make them look good. Let them have the spotlight, so don’t overpower the conversations. Share only flattering stories and remarks; don’t embarrass them in any way.
  3. Put the phone away and be fully present and engaged at the event. If you take any pictures, make sure you get others’ permission before posting them or tagging people. I recommend running anything you want to post or tweet by your partner first.
  4. You may not want to leave your partner’s side, but make sure you aren’t overly clingy or controlling of his or her time. This event is an opportunity for both of you to work the room and make positive impressions, so don’t be a barrier to that.
  5. If your partner fails to introduce you to someone, it’s probably because they’ve forgotten that person’s name. Save them by jumping in and introducing yourself before things get awkward.
  6. Use a filter—no off-color remarks, jokes, or flirting with others. These could come back to haunt you both.
  7. Limit alcohol to little or none. Why? See #6.

Holiday events are a great way for you and your partner to network, meet new people, and have fun all at the same time. Just remember, it’s still a work function, so do everything you can to put your best foot forward.

© Jill Bremer 2016