Interview Etiquette – 9 Important Do’s

DO research the job position and company via the internet and the relationships you’ve developed through networking.  Know the organization’s needs and how you can help.

DO check yourself in the bathroom after you arrive – hair in place, teeth free of spinach, clothing tucked in and straightened, shoes shiny and dirt free?

DO turn off your cell phone.  Turning it to vibrate is not good enough.  Your pocket or briefcase should not buzz or “ding” during an interview!

DO prepare for small talk.  Watch the news or scan the headlines before your meeting.  A minute or two of small talk is to be expected before getting down to business.

DO be prepared to speak in depth about everything you have on your resume.  If you can’t, interviewers may wonder if you even wrote it.

DO answer questions directly. When the interviewer asks a question, answer it directly and completely.  Avoid going off on tangents.  If they ask, “Tell me what you did on this project”, don’t tell them about the project, tell them what you did.  What was your role, what did you achieve?

DO mention co-workers.  If you always say “I” and never “we,” it can be indicative of someone who is not a team player.

DO ask insightful questions.  Don’t use this time to ask about benefits or when you can take your first vacation.  The questions you ask should show your interest in the position.

  • What are the long term plans for this organization?  For this position?
  • What do you think are the most important skills for this job?
  • How would my progress be evaluated?

DO send a thank-you letter.  Few individuals actually do this follow up and sending one will make you stand out.  A thank you letter can –

  • remind the interviewer of you and your qualifications.
  • expand on answers you gave during the interview.
  • beef up areas where you felt you didn’t do well.
  • add additional information, the things you wish you would have said during the interview.

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