Interview Etiquette – 6 Important Don’ts

DON’T be late for interviews. Confirm the time, address, building number, parking.  Remember that security check-ins may take time.  Also – be no more than 5 minutes early.  Too early and you advertise you have nothing else to do.

DON’T supply personal website addresses if they contain inappropriate information.  Keep in mind they may be found anyway.  You WILL be searched on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

DON’T have unprofessional-sounding email addresses (no sexyvixen@…)

DON’T use too much jargon.  This can be a red flag that you could be hiding lack of real experience behind a smokescreen of technical terms.

DON’T give rambling responses or attempt to fill in all “dead air” with talking.  If you’re unsure as to whether the interviewer got enough information from your response, ask him/her if your answer was satisfactory.

DON’T be negative about past employers.  Bad experiences can always be explained without rancor or extreme negativism.  Employers are wary of an applicant who always blames others for problems.

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