Airplane Etiquette

Overhead Compartments

Everyone is “carrying on” these days, so remember that your storage space is right above your seat, not the first open space you see.  Airlines prefer that you slide your bag in vertically wheels first.  Smaller bags and coats should be squeezed around the larger bags, not the other way around.


Let’s all agree – the person in the middle seat should have rights of first refusal on the armrests in the middle.  A personal pet peeve – armrest volume controls which have been left on “10” by the last passenger.


It’s difficult to have a conversation on a plane with the aircraft noise and plugged-up eardrums.  But please monitor your voice levels.  Others are trying to sleep, listen to the movie or music.

Reclining Seats

Just because seats recline, doesn’t mean they should.  We’re all tired, but also cramped for legroom and want to be able to work on our computer or eat without having our elbows in our ears.  So, recline a few inches and no more – please!

Copyright 2010 Jill Bremer