The Right Frames for Your Face

By Jill Dellert-Herbert, AICI CIP

Today, glasses are as much a fashion accessory as they are a necessity.  Eyewear plays a big role in your life.  It affects your performance and your appearance.  There are many eyewear choices, each designed to fit an individual’s prescription, face shape, lifestyle and personal coloring.  Step into an optician’s shop and you’re faced with hundreds of eyeglass frames in all shapes, sizes, colors and contours.

So how do you find the best frames for your face?  You need an unbiased opinion, so don’t trust your loved ones.  The right optician can take your coloring, face shape and structure (including the placement of eyes, brows, nose and the width of your cheekbones) and hairstyle into account, then add in your likes and dislikes to come up with the perfect style for you.

In order to determine the shape of your face, pull all of your hair back and stand about a foot away from a mirror.  Take a bar of soap and outline your face on the mirror.  Determine which of the following seven basic shapes fits your face best.  Then follow these guidelines from the Vision Council of America.

The Oval Face is considered to be the most versatile with frames because of its balanced proportions.  Frame options: wide as or wider than the broadest part of the face.  Try almond or oval shapes.

The Base-Down Triangle Face has a narrow forehead and widens at the cheek and chin areas.  Frame options: ones that draw attention upwards.  Try bold frames or cat-eye shapes.

The Base-Up Triangle Face (heart-shaped) is widest at the forehead and narrowest at the chin.  Frame options: ones that draw attention downwards, such as rimless styles, very thin metals or plastics.

The Square Face is characterized by a strong  jaw line and broad forehead.  Width and length are in the same proportions.  Frame options: rounder, narrower styles that soften facial angles, such as narrow ovals.

The Round Face has curved lines, with width and length in the same proportions.  Frame options: frames that are wider than they are deep.  Try angular, narrow frames.

The Oblong Face is longer that it is wide and is characterized by a long, straight cheek line and, sometimes, a longer nose.  Frame options: frames with top-to-bottom depth or decorative temples (frame arms) to add width.

The Diamond Face is narrowest at the brow line and jaw line.  Cheekbones are frequently high and dramatic.  Frame options: frames detailing or distinctive brow lines, like cat-eyes or ovals.

Many people consider the eyes to be the most important feature of a person’s style, the “window to the soul”.  So if you wear eyeglasses, it’s paramount that they complement your natural coloring, your personal style and the shape of your face.

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