Color Power

by Jill Bremer, AICI, CIP

We all have favorite colors to wear, but did you know that colors evoke emotional, behavioral and physical responses in others?  The science of color psychology analyzes how people respond to color, providing us with insights to keep in mind when building our wardrobe.

Black = dignified, elegant, intimidating, powerful, aloof.  It’s difficult to establish rapport in black, but it’s perfect for the power plays of the boardroom.

White = innocent, pure, optimistic, indecisive.  Wear white as a small piece of your ensemble (shirts, blouses).  Save your all-white ensemble for your medical uniform, casual wear or a walk down the aisle.

Gray = steady, stable, negotiable, disciplined.  A great color for business attire.  Gray inspires creativity and symbolizes success.

Blue = loyal, sincere, serene, responsible, pragmatic, conservative, respect.  All shades, especially navy, work well in business.

Red = vital, passionate, courageous, aggressive, impulsive, bullying.  Red demands attention, but don’t wear it for presentations.  After 20-30”, your audience will become agitated and stressed.

Green = inexperienced, wealthy, jealous, moderate, balanced, traditional.  Green refreshes the spirit and encourages us to feel compassion.

Yellow = cheerful, warm, caution, innovative.  Use yellow in small amounts.  Babies cry more and more arguments break out around yellow.

Brown = earthy, casual, safe, reliable, stable.  A good color for encouraging dialogue; it promotes honesty in others.  Wear it when you need to look like “one of the team.”

Pink = gentle, approachable, emotional, reduces stress.  It’s hard to bully others or be bullied around pink.  Pink encourages agreement.

Color plays a critical role in every decision we make.  Designers of fashion, cars, appliances and graphics all understand the power of color.  Take time to consider the colors you choose and you can use them to your advantage.

© 2004 Jill Bremer All Rights Reserved