Tips for Effective Videoconferencing

Conducting meetings via video conference is becoming more and more popular in business today. It can be a very cost-effective way to bring far-flung employees and teams together—without the costs associated with travel. In order to use it effectively, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Arrive early enough to learn how to use all of the equipment. Practice using the various buttons.
  • Check the volume levels, both outgoing and incoming. Find the volume control and learn how to increase/decrease.
  • Check yourself in the picture-to-picture screen. Arrange seating so that people can be eye level with the camera.
  • Are people well-lit? You may need to add lighting or open blinds to eliminate shadows on faces.
  • Don’t put lighting behind people which will make them appear dark and in shadow.
  • Clear out distractions in the background. Visualize the Oval Office when the President appears on-camera from his desk. Curtains, credenza, a few photos. Simplify your background, too.
  • Dress in solids or very small patterns. Stay away from shiny jewelry (which can add glare) and  large or busy prints.
  • Speak clearly and slowly, aiming toward the microphone.
  • Refrain from looking away, typing, or talking with someone off-screen.
  • Look into the camera when you’re speaking. If you look at the screen, you’ll look like you’re looking off into the distance.
  • Conversely, when you’re listening, look at the screen (at them, not your email inbox – we can see your eyes travel back and forth and hear you type!).
  • Move as little as possible, with no fidgeting or big gestures.
  • Wait for the time delay as people speak. Don’t overtalk each other.
  • Sit up straight.
  • Turn off all cell phones. People don’t want to hear the beep that says you’ve received a text or new comment on your Facebook status!

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