If English is not your first language, communicating at work can often present challenges. Issues around pronunciation, grammar, jargon, and writing skills may be holding you back from making the impact you’d like to have in your company.

Learning a new language takes time. Research shows it can take 5-8 years for a person to learn a second language on par with native speakers. In the meantime, employers may be placing pressure on or have unreal expectations of those who deliver less-than-perfect written reports or misspeak during a meeting. Perhaps your own fear of mispronunciation or misunderstanding keeps you from feeling comfortable enough to jump in and share your ideas.

If your workplace doesn’t offer ESL classes, one-on-one tutoring may be the answer for you, a safe place where you can improve your communication skills out of the spotlight and away from those you fear making mistakes in front of. Tutors can customize sessions for your particular challenges and goals and fluency and accuracy can improve quickly.

But simply improving pronunciation and grammar may not develop all the competencies you truly need. Benefits can be gained by adding Executive Presence coaching into the program:

  • Conversation Skills – Small talk is an important communication skill and the first step in developing rapport, relationships, and business.
  • Business Etiquette – How well do you navigate the intricacies of meetings and greetings, showing deference, and techno-communications?
  • Social Skills – People gauge a range of abilities simply by observing one’s networking skills and dining etiquette.
  •  American Jargon – Every country has its jargon and idioms and American business has enough to fill a dictionary. Are you confident about what they mean and when/how to use them?
  • Nonverbal Communication – Body language communicates most of our content. Build your ability to read others accurately and adapt accordingly.
  • Presentation Skills – Doors open to those who can deliver a solid presentation. Coaching can help you develop these skills and increase your confidence.
  • Professional Image – Gain an understanding of your company’s written – and unwritten – dress code and present a consistent and cohesive personal brand.

ESL tutoring combined with Executive Presence coaching may be just the ticket you need to communicate clearly and effectively and build your visibility and impact. Don’t let your career stagnate when some individualized attention could help!

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