Email – Tone

Imagine you are surrounded by your co-workers, clients, and competition.  What – and how much – would you say?  Apply this same principle to your emails.  If you wouldn’t say it out loud to these folks, don’t write it in an email! Keep the tone of your emails professional, the content straightforward, and you could save your reputation or even your job.

Top 10 Tips for Cubicles


  1. Never enter someone’s cubicle without permission. Behave as though cubicles have doors. Do not enter before you have “eye contact permission” from the occupant.
  2. Never read someone’s computer screen or comment on conversations you’ve overheard. Resist answering a question you overheard asked in the cube next to you!
  3. Try to pick up your phone after one or two rings. Set the ringer volume at a low level.
  4. When you leave your cubicle, turn your phone ringer off and let it go to voicemail or forward your phone number to your new location.
  5. Use your “library voice”.
  6. Don’t talk through cube walls or congregate outside someone’s cube. For impromptu meetings, go to a conference room or break room.
  7. Set your PC volume to a low level and turn off screensaver sound effects.
  8. Eat quietly. Avoid gum-popping, humming, slurping and pen tapping.
  9. Avoid eating hot food at your desk. Food odors can bother your hungry or nauseous neighbors.
  10. Keep your shoes on!