dirty-dishesHow many times have you encountered a filthy microwave, dirty dishes in the sink, leftovers that have become science experiments, or an empty spot in the frig where your food used to be? Break rooms are one of those common areas, along with bathrooms, cafeterias, and hallways, where we comingle with each other at work. Here are some reminders that will help us all play nicely together.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself
There’s no excuse for helping yourself to other people’s food in the frig. There’s a name for that—stealing! Labeled food containers will help, but not solve, the problem of vanishing food. Short of installing closed circuit cameras, you may never know who the food vultures are in your office. But resist the temptation to help yourself to someone’s chocolate cake because your lasagna went AWOL.

If You Dirty It, Clean It
Wash your own dishes as soon as you’re done with them. Your department may have weekly clean-up crew assignments, but they wouldn’t be needed if you cleaned up after yourself! Swipe the inside of the microwave while you’re at it and wipe off the counter, too.

If You Don’t Want It, Toss It
Before you leave on Friday, glance inside the frig and throw out your uneaten leftovers.

What other rules would you like to add to the list?

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