Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Here are the some simple techniques you can use to keep your audience interested (and off their phone) during your next presentation:

Incorporate audience member’s names:  “So you can see, John, how the process will be significantly shorter.” “Barbara was sharing with me earlier…”

Ask for a show of hands: “How many of you have a social media strategy already in place?” “Have any of you ever been up in a hot air balloon?”

Ask a rhetorical question: “Isn’t it frustrating when you…” “Have you ever found yourself…’

Add a prop: “I’m going to pass the device around so you can all see how lightweight it is.” “As you’ll see in the brochure, the before-and-after shots are quite amazing.”

Ask for their input: “Who can tell us…?” “Would anyone care to share how…?” Be careful here – you run the risk of someone stealing the floor from you, so maintain control of the crowd and the time.

Demonstrate something: “Once you click on this link, the drop-down box will appear.” “This yoga position is especially good for your back.”

Try one – or more – of these in your next presentation. You’ll be amazed how well your audiences stay involved and engaged!

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