thank youThe impact of a handwritten note is often overlooked in today’s “why-write-something-when-I-can-email-it” world. A note written promptly and sincerely is more impactful and appreciated than a phone call, email, or text. Yes, we have a lot of technology at our fingertips, but just because we can do something that way doesn’t mean we should

Handwritten notes and letters are a rarity, which makes them that much more meaningful and cherished by the recipient. When you take the time to write a note by hand, it shows the other person that you cared enough to pull out the stationery and choose your words without the conveniences of the grammar tool, spellchecker and auto-fill! Written notes are also permanent, which means they’re often saved by the recipient and even shared with others.

Before you begin, you’re going to need nice stationery. Business letterhead or a fold-over note card with the company logo on the front are fine to use for relationships that are just getting established. Once you have a closer working relationship with that colleague or client, you can switch to personal stationery.

Here are the 7 along with suggested reasons to send:

  1. Thank You – for the meal, opportunity, gift
  2. Letters of Congratulations – for reaching that work milestone, winning the election, getting married
  3. Good News – for the new job, being promoted, for their child’s accomplishment
  4. Complimenting Someone – for the great presentation, negotiation success, work performance
  5. To Consolidate Contact –you enjoyed meeting them at the conference, you’re looking forward to working together on the new project
  6. To Encourage – if they’ve come through a difficult time or crisis
  7. Condolence – for a death in their family

Do you really want your “thank you” email to be buried within the 300 they’ll receive that day? Your words will have real impact and you’ll stand out as someone with class and sophistication if you put pen to paper!

© Jill Bremer 2016