All of our programs can be delivered in-person or virtually!

The Gravitas Principle®

The Gravitas Principle® offers personalized executive presence coaching programs for leaders and others targeted for success. Develop gravitas and influence as you hone your verbal and nonverbal communication skills, presentation skills, business and social etiquette, and executive image. Short-term and long-term coaching packages are available.

The SpeakAbilities® System

The SpeakAbilities® System will improve your in-person or online presentation skills in the first session! You’ll learn how to create strong, concise content and deliver it with impact, all in a safe and supportive environment. The SpeakAbilities® System can polish the skills of a speaking veteran or help a novice overcome the first-time jitters.

Executive Presence Workshops

We offer a variety of in-person and online workshops designed to develop the executive presence of your team. Customized seminars in image, presentation skills, communication skills, etiquette, and civility will increase the effectiveness of your workforce and provide them with the professional development they crave.

Need help prepping for job interviews?

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How did you hear of me?

“Jill’s presentation style was highly engaging.

The impact is already visible to us as our AA’s certainly reflect a higher standard in appearance and communication skills and our Managers have asked that Ms. Bremer come back each year.  Simply put: You were terrific!!”

Corporate Director for Professional Development, medical system, NY

“You were selected through a vigorous interview process

by a select team of HR professionals.  You impressed our team and it was a unanimous decision that you are the most qualified person to present the sensitive topic of professional image to all 1300 associates at Strong.”

Associate Relations Specialist, financial corporation, WI

“Your work has helped me enhance my public speaking capabilities

for which I am very grateful.  Your insights and coaching has made my presentations more succinct and make me a more effective communicator.”

President and CEO, automotive corporation, IL

“You have done a phenomenal job with our employees.

Your hands-on examples, your interaction with the audience, and your low key approach, combine to make a workshop that is both engaging and informative. I see evidence of your impact all around me.”

Employee Development Manager, aerospace & defense corporation, VA

“We are so pleased by the positive results

we’ve seen in our staff member who recently participated in your “Executive Coaching” program.  The changes we’ve seen include improvements in grooming, more up-to-date and professional clothing and a generally more polished presentation. Best of all, our staff person reports he is more confident in his appearance and in knowing how to conduct himself in a variety of work situations.”

Training Facilitator, logistics services, MI

“Jill is poised, professional, articulate and engaging. 

Our employees enjoyed her talk, which not only covered dress, but also the importance of first impressions in the workplace.  I’d highly recommend her to any of you facing similar challenges.”

HR Manager, law firm, IL

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